art for my sweet tooth...

Lately I can't seem to get sweets off my mind. It's probably in part due to the fact that I'm married to someone with a sweet tooth as big (or bigger!) than mine, or because it's January and everyone is eating healthy, and my brain & taste buds are rebellious. Either way, I want a sweet with each meal and it's really becoming problematic... sugar is ruling my minddd. Lemon bars are my weakness, and if you throw a Meyer lemon in there, consider me in heaven. Tim prefers ice cream - always, always.

I've been thinking about putting some art on the walls in our currently naked kitchen, and I can't help but think an ice cream / sweets print would be totally appropriate...

I'm leaning towards #1 or #6. There is something so sweet (ha! pun intended) about little scoops of ice cream topping a sugar cone, with a touch of whimsy, texture and playful illustration styles. Which one is your favorite? Are you hungry now? Sorry... ;)

01 / 02 / 03 (I actually had this illustration as my computer background for a while, found here!) / 04 / 05 (This print has gold foil confetti... !!!) / 06

bright & punchy palette to beat the winter blues...

Hello and happyyyyyyy Friday! I'm really looking forward to the weekend for several reasons, but reason #1 is because I get to pick up my back-from-the-dead Mac! Thanks to several trips to the Genius Bar & Microcenter, my computer is resurrected and will live to see a few more months - if I'm nice to it. My computer bombed right as the new year hit, and all of my good intentions to blog regularly went right out the window. Now I will have no excuses!

With a new year comes new sources of inspiration, and I keep going back to a few images I found on Pinterest. The overall color palette is so vivid, fresh and punchy, and if I stare at the images long enough, I might be able to convince myself it's springtime. I also can't resist a pink & red combo of any kind, considering my favorite heart-filled holiday is right around the corner. In an effort to beat the winter blues, put away your Vitamin D pills... here is your dose of (visual) sunshine for the day!


Now, do you feel like your seasonal depression is easing away, just for a minute? Here's hoping :)

Have yourself a bright & cheery weekend! Enjoy!

home style / diy pendant lamp inspiration

Statement lighting can cost an arm and a leg, and when you're on a budget, it can seem out of reach. That's why DIY blogs exist. Ranging from "ridiculously easy" to "you must have all the patience in the world to make that", these DIY statement lights I've pulled together are my current favorites...

colorwhirl | diy pendant lamp inspiration

One sweet day our kitchen nook will have a pendant light, and I'm leaning toward a DIY. Thankfully we have a while until the kitchen will be tackled, so Tim and I have lots of time to make thoughtful decisions.

What about you? Does your home (or rental) have room for a DIY lamp? If you're a regular MacGyver when it comes to DIY projects, please stop by and teach me your ways!

DIYs, clockwise from the top right: minimal gold pendant / white & teal industrial pendants / copper wire pendant / geo wood lamp / faceted gold pendant / bentwood pendant (a knockoff of this West Elm pendant that I love!) / feather lamp / mid-century chandelier

home style / h&m home

Home accessories are the dotted i's and crossed t's of the interior design world. They are the finishing touch, the cherry on top of the sundae, and the often-overlooked last piece of the puzzle when decorating your home. They're typically affordable, unique and give your home personality and polish.

I tend to start with home accessories which I do not advise. After all, accessories are literally defined as "a thing that can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile, or attractive". Little trinkets, baskets, and decorative objects are my weakness... every surface in our home has trinkets! We have minimal storage and no bookshelves in our house, so I need to reign it in and stop impulse buying decorative objects until our house is ready for them.

In the meantime, I'll ogle these beautiful accessories from H&M Home. Not only are they ridiculously affordable, they're stylish, neutral and relatively timeless.

colorwhirl | H&M Home

Shop these items, clockwise from top right: metallic linen basket / reversible rug / ceramic container / copper vase / metal basket / gold candlestick holder / white & wood bowl / copper baskets (small and large) / white & gold container / silver linen pillow / woven pillow / glass soap dispenser (sold out on H&M's website, similar here) / copper knob / rose gold & wood container