artist spotlight / abby hyslop

I have a thing for hand lettering and painted flowers, so I was excited to stumble across the work of Abby Hyslop. She is a designer at Target by day, and a hand letterer and artist by night. I love the imperfect nature of her work, the cheerful phrases, and the bright color palettes...

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colin & mary's birthday invitations


Back in August, we celebrated the fourth and first birthdays of my nephew and niece, Colin and Mary. They share the SAME BIRTHDAY. Think about it for a second. It's absolutely crazy!!! It's also a big task for my sister to figure out how to throw a party that feels special for both kids, so they landed on "balloons" as the theme - it was perfect! I was lucky enough to design the invitations.


The color palette was my favorite - bright! Not too girly, and not too boyish; just bright, happy, and fun!


We chose two playful fonts with several different weights (Archer and Quicksand, which is free!) that paired well with the whimsical balloon illustrations. We added a hint of texture to give the invitations a little dimension and a stylized look. I love how they turned out!


I love working on birthday invitations, especially for the first-ever joint birthday extravaganza for my niece and nephew! :) If you have a need for custom invitations, send me an email and we can talk details!

artist spotlight / emily isabella

Happy Monday! I hope everyone enjoyed "falling back" this weekend and took advantage of the extra hour of sleep. I was more productive on Sunday than I can remember, so I attribute that to several espresso shots and a bonus hour of sleep. Also, it's November...!?

While the leaves are still on the ground, I wanted to share this beautiful portrait series called "Plant People" by Emily Isabella. She uses various flowers, foliage, and objects found in nature to create the hair of these whimsical ladies...

Which lady is your favorite? I think my favorite is lady #1 with the red lipstick and Parisian chic vibe.

I hope everyone has a productive, meaningful Monday!

color profile / blush

Oh blush, you feminine little lady, you. While this color is usually reserved for the spring, it's sticking around this time of year and is having what some would call a "moment". Each year there is a new color palette for each season, and while it can become annoying (and pricy!) to buy a new piece in a new palette seasonally, have no fear... just dig out your spring clothes that happen to be "blush" and toss them on! Pair blush with deeper colors like navy, charcoal, burgundy, hunter green... the list goes on. As long as you balance the ladylike tones with deeper fall colors, you're set. And now, to window (or computer/phone screen?) shop...

color profile | blush

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