the citizenry...

Recently I stumbled onto a perfectly curated store that seems to sell all of my favorite things. It's a good thing I'm on a strict budget (home renovations and Christmas make for an expensive end of the year... womp womp), otherwise I would have already purchased the lamp and the tray.

The Citizenry is an online boutique featuring handcrafted products from Argentina, Peru and Uganda, blending the time-old artisan techniques with The Citizenry's modern design aesthetic. The shop features Peruvian woven textiles in 100% alpaca wool, Argentinian leather, and high-quality Mugavu wood from Uganda. In addition to the fair trade wages paid to each artisan, 10% of each purchase is donated back to the artisan communities.

Lately it seems like more shops are working directly with artisans across the globe, finding unique, handcrafted goods that bring age-old techniques and crafts to the rest of the world. I love that we can get a taste of the culture and history from little pockets all over the world; places that we may likely never get to see ourselves. It's also such a wonderful way to celebrate the artists and their life's work. 

I'm growing more and more fond of buying locally, celebrating the authentic and handcrafted, and paying a little bit more to truly appreciate the art of the handmade. Now that we're in holiday mode, take a second to think about celebrating the little guys rather than the big box stores and buy locally. Or, in this case, Argentina, Peru or Uganda ;)