ho, ho, holidays...

It's been a while since I last blogged! I've been thoroughly enjoying the holidays. The lights, the music, the smells... it's such a magical time of year.

When I was younger (and didn't have a mortgage), Christmas was all about splurging and spoiling my loved ones. I would spend hundreds upon hundreds of dollars (that I should have been saving... whoops) buying the best, most unique gifts I could find. My favorite thing about Christmas is watching people open gifts, so I couldn't resist.

Nowadays, Christmas is more about the overall experience rather than gift giving. Less quantity, more quality. Home renovations and vacations don't just pay for themselves! I have to be more thoughtful, more creative, and more resourceful buying (or making!) gifts this year.

That said, gift guides are SO much fun to pull together. This year I'm going to put together gift guides that are $25 and under, because let's be honest... everyone has a budget!

First off... gifts for her: