to new beginnings...


Happy (early) birthday to me! On Sunday I turn 27, and my little baby "blog" celebrates it's birthday as well.

For me, birthdays used to mean lots of presents, parties, cake & attention... at the top of my list were velvet Gap overalls, American Girl dolls, and all of the Bonne Bell I could get my hands on. Don't get me wrong - I'd probably take a pair of velvet overalls today though I think everyone around me would severely question my thinking...

While I still love parties and cake (and presents... who am I kidding), I am noticing that birthdays are becoming more about reflection than anything else. Life moves faster the older you get, and I'm grateful that each birthday forces me to slow down and really think about the past year - accomplishments I'm proud of, changes that I'd like to make, new goals to set, etc. This year, I'm setting goals for myself that are attainable (I'm pretty great at setting unrealistic expectations for myself).

The first goal I'm accomplishing is giving myself a creative outlet to play - my blog. Colorwhirl has been an idea I've had in my head for FOUR years. Four! I'm finally making it happen and it could've have come at a better time in my life. Creativity, here I come!

To new beginnings!