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This weather has been such a tease lately... is spring actually here to stay? If you're anything like me, you're mentally planning your "spring" shoe wardrobe in preparation for the new season. 

Wedges are the "people pleaser" of the shoe community. They accommodate those of us that love a little height and can handle a high heel, and also those of us that wish they knew how to walk in heels but just can't. They are safe to walk in as a novice... meaning, you more than likely won't break your ankles while wearing them. If you're high-heel timid, give them a try! However, if you fall, it is not my fault :)

I love wedges because they seem to become a spring/summer staple in my wardrobe. I always look for neutral heels with a little bit of fun details - glitter, metallics, etc. Here are some that I'm loving lately, in a mix of affordable (Target!) and semi-unreasonable (Zara glitter wedges... amazing!):


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