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Things are getting very glittery and Easter-y on this blog! I can't help but love this holiday. After posting the round-up of my favorite Easter egg decorations last week, I was inspired by the confetti-dipped version.

I'm not one to decorate the exterior of my house for every holiday (with the exception of Christmas), but after this million-month-long winter we've had, I am ready to welcome spring and shout it from the rooftops (and from my front yard)!

These sweet little eggs are very easy to make. I recommend buying pre-shredded confetti (I cut my own) to save time.


What you'll need:

10-12 large plastic eggs

Modge Podge

Foam brush

Confetti (or gold mylar; approx. 6" x 12")

White string or fishing wire




Get started!

If you have pre-shredded confetti, skip this step. If not, cut small strips of gold mylar and shred over a large bowl.

Remove the bottom portion of the eggs and set the top portions aside.

Using a small amount of Modge Podge, brush the glue onto the bottom of the egg and cover with confetti. Set aside. Repeat until all of the eggs are covered. Let dry overnight.

Once dry, put the top and bottom of each egg back together (Humpty Dumpty is playing in my head...). Thread the needle with the string or fishing wire, and weave the needle in and out of the small holes in the top of each egg. Give each egg a 6-12" loop to hang, and knot the string/wire. Repeat with each egg.

Now you're ready to hang the eggs! You can hang them indoors from a houseplant or chandelier, or hang them outside on a tree.

*Tip: if hanging the eggs outdoors, weigh each of them down by placing a few pennies inside the egg.