treasure hunting / flower child

Happy, happy, happy Friday! Does anyone have fun weekend plans? If not... why not go thrifting?

One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is visit local thrift stores. We are incredibly lucky to have SO many amazing thrift stores to choose from in Cleveland, especially on the west side. A few of my favorites are Flower Child, Suite Lorain (where I spotted Scarlett Johansson last summer - my one and only brush with fame), and the Lakewood Antique Mall.

Flower Child is my favorite thrift store to find vintage, mid-century furniture. Tim and I found our dresser set there last year and I can't help but visit the store on occasion, even if I'm not in need of anything (but really, who doesn't need "new" vintage goods on a regular basis?). This past visit was one of those times... just needing to fill my vintage shopping fix! I found some treasures that I would've LOVED to bring home with me, but unfortunately the chairs I wanted were sold in a set of 6 plus a table, and I only needed 4 (see above and below for images). So sad. They are the perfect fit for our kitchen and I'm seriously considering learning how to haggle so that they can be mine. All they need is a little love with sanding, staining and a reupholstered seat. 

Speaking of... the art of haggling makes me so uncomfortable. If an item is already priced, how are you to know if it's flexible? I mean, other than at a garage sale, I can't haggle... I feel rude; like I'm taking advantage of them. Some people are confident enough to negotiate anything and everything, but it's just not in my nature. Can anyone give me tips on haggling at vintage stores? When is it okay to negotiate, and when is it not? Just a general rule of thumb. I'm hoping that if I can master my haggling skills soon, those beautiful chairs will be mine - and I will not have to buy the entire set, like the salesperson told me. Take that, salesperson! Because really, how can 6 chairs fit at that tiny table?

I did manage to find a vintage dress that thrift-shopping dreams are made of. I don't normally buy clothing from thrift stores, but this dress was an exception and it is gloooorious. The silhouette is modern, the color scheme is perfect, and it's metallic brocade...! I'm kind of obsessed. Now, to find an excuse to wear it...

I found (but didn't take home) another dress with a bright, cheery pattern... a cotton candy pitcher & matching glasses... an abstract painting in a gold frame (I want!)... and mid-century wood containers.

If you haven't visited one of the millions of thrift stores in Cleveland, I highly recommend going! If you're up for an adventure, spending your Saturday or Sunday thrifting throughout Cleveland is so fun (just make sure to double-check stores hours, as they can be pretty random). Let me know if you find any treasures!

Happy weekend!