being in the moment

I have a tendency to move quickly, and always look to the future. I look forward to what's next, which sometimes makes me miss out on enjoying the present as much as I should.

Lately, I've been trying to take more time to appreciate the present. I'm learning that life is equal parts "day-to-day" and "big moment", and I need to stop fast-forwarding from one big moment to the next. Don't get me wrong, I'm a positive person overall and I appreciate each day, but I could definitely focus more effort on being in the moment.

This week has been one of those "pinch me" weeks, where I'm hit with the reality of how wonderful my life is. Does that ever happen to you? All of a sudden it's overwhelming, and you can't help but smile. I love those moments.

For a while I've felt that I've had all but one piece of my puzzle - the last one being a happy, rewarding job. Now that my "job" puzzle piece is in place, it's surprisingly difficult to slow back down and just enjoy. I've hustled for so long - editing my portfolio, job searching, starting a blog (and trying to keep up with it!) - that I keep looking for a new reason to hustle.

My new daily mantra is: "be in the moment". Slow down, take it in, and enjoy. (Also, I’m 12 years old and “that’s what she said” just came to mind…)

How do you stay in the moment? Yoga? Meditation? I’d love to know.

I’m off to enjoy the weekend… happy Friday, all!


*This photo was taken during our engagement session by the amazingly talented duo, Too Much Awesomeness. Ken and Angie are great photographers, incredibly kind people, and also happen to be brand new parents to the cutest little baby girl. Thanks for the beautiful photo, guys!