treasure hunting / suite lorain

This past weekend, I made a trip out to Suite Lorain in Cleveland. This vintage shop holds a special place in my thrift-loving heart because it's where I spotted Scarlett Johansson last summer. She was in town filming Captain America: The Winter Soldier and needless to say, I was SUPER excited to be standing right next to her. She's very short, and very pretty. I didn't introduce myself because I am certain that she didn't care to meet me, so I just lurked from not-so-afar. We're basically best friends.

Anyway... this time around I did not see ScarJo, but I did find some goodies. What I love about Suite Lorain is that they have SO MUCH STUFF. While they have a few furniture pieces, the majority of what they have is clothing, kitchen and home accessories, and records. If you're in the market for vintage bar accessories (glasses, decanters, ice buckets); you name it, they have it.

This clock came home with me, and might be my new favorite thing...

This mid-century beauty is sooooo awesome. Everything about it. The gold, the teak, the numerals... it's just beautiful, and there was no way I could pass it up. It may have been a little out the price range I was originally willing to spend, but thankfully Tim did some research after I bought it and it's going for twice the amount (or more) than I paid for on eBay and Craigslist. Score!

Ahh, it's so pretty. Now, we just need to find out if it works.

Some more treasures I found...

I may or may not have literally panicked when I saw this house coat. It's phenomenal. The rounded collar, the embroidered roses, the fact that it was floor length, and neon pink... my late grandma, Sweetie, would've lived in this coat. Snatch it up for $23 if you want to be a swanky, 1960's inspired house wife!

I hope you're ready for this Elvis lamp... (they had 2, for any of you serious Elvis-lovers)

I think Elvis is in dire need of an eyebrow wax, but other than that, these lamps are in great condition. Let me know if you want me to pick them up for you :)

Hope everyone has a great week!