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Engagement shoot with  Too Much Awesomeness

Engagement shoot with Too Much Awesomeness

Happy (dreary) Friday!

I hope everyone has enjoyed their week. For me, it flew by! I seriously can't believe it's Friday. I'm not sure if this is apparent or not, but I've been slacking this week on blog posts. It's not for a lack of inspiration, just a lack of TIME. So, I'm going to start introducing an easy-does-it column that compiles some of my favorite things: recipes, inspiration, design, fashion, news... whatever strikes my fancy from week to week. Basically, a stream of consciousness :)

1. These. watercolors. Great watercolor makes my heart skip a beat, and these tech backgrounds from DesignLoveFest are gorgeous. Download them now! (By artist Yao Cheng). 

2. This paper-cut animation from Chloe Fleury for OhJoy's Target summer line... it is so cheerful, and so well done. I have admired Fleury for a long time, and even reached out to her for a custom illustration. One day I'll follow through on that paper dream!

3. Birkenstocks. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE RETURN OF THE 90'S?! The following 90's trends are rearing their (sometimes ugly) heads... side-swept hair, overalls, jean skirts, Birkenstocks, stacked tennis shoes... I don't think I'm ready for the 90's to be back so soon (and I'm fondly referring to it as FONR: Fear Of Nineties Revival). I did, however, buy a pair of skinny overalls this weekend and I cannot stop laughing about it (my 5th grade self is SO proud of this decision). We'll see how long I can hold onto them before I return to my senses and take them back to the store... 

4. I have a newfound love for the CNN TV series, Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown. All thanks to my Netflix addiction, I stumbled onto the first 2 seasons of this show and it's truly incredible to watch. I'm stunned, and humbled, with every episode I watch. Food brings people together in the most inexplicable way - really, it's the only way that a wealthy person from the U.S. (Bourdain) can find commonalities with an impoverished tribe in the Congo. 

5. Have you guys heard of Ana White? If not... be still, your DIY-loving heart. Ana is a self-proclaimed "homemaker" that posts DIY furniture instructions, down to the very last detail, on her blog. Because it's a blog format, it's also interactive... which is fantastic. Ana responds to comments and questions, and even posts new furniture pieces based on reader demand. Tim and I have been scouring the site, inspired by so many different pieces of furniture for our back deck. Find all of her outdoor furniture plans here

Enjoy your weekend, all!