before & after / living room

As any homeowner knows, you're never truly done with a renovation project. Whether the project is delayed due to lack of budget, or lack of time, it's very hard to remain patient during the process! For the past year and a half, Tim and I have been slowly transforming the 1st floor, mainly focusing on the living room and dining room. We've hit a stalling point since we started on our outdoor projects and although I wish we had the time and energy to finish the living room as well, this is as far as we'll get for now.

I took these "after" photos in March so there are a few things I've updated since then (a new plant or two), but it still makes me happy to see the transformation. The "before" photos are from the realtor so they aren't the best quality, but you get the jist...

Our first project was painting the brick fireplace white. I know this is controversial when it comes to home decor, but the room doesn't get much natural light and it could use all the brightening up it can get. Next, we painted the walls Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter. Pinterest told us it's the best "greige" out there and I agree... thanks, Pinterest! The cooler gray paint color makes the room feel much more modern, without feeling sterile. We also removed the huge mirror above the mantle. The previous homeowners had set the TV in a corner that felt awkward and unintentional, and although I hate to admit it, our TV is central to our room. Having a flat screen TV in front of a mirror that is almost the same size is distracting, so we tore the mirror down. Thank goodness!

A few things left to do on our list...

  1. Cord management for the electronics
  2. Built-in shelves & cabinetry on either side of the fireplace
  3. Mount TV
  4. Buy new sectional
  5. Rip up carpeting! (Cross your fingers that the wood underneath is salvageable...)
Picture 3.jpg

Buying a home and making it "yours" really is an ongoing, probably never-ending process. As exhausting as it may be, it is SO worth it in the long run. Watching our home transform is such an exciting feeling and I couldn't be more proud of the changes Tim and I have made, whether insignificant or drastic.

Are you working on any home renovations? How do you deal with the stalling points during the process? Or, do you have X-ray vision? If so, please tell me if there is hardwood underneath the carpeting...