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Prosciutto, Arugula & Goat Cheese Sandwich

There has been a trend in what I've been cooking lately, and it all seems to revolve around balsamic glaze. Random, right? Well... once you've tried balsamic glaze, I DARE you not to put it on everything. Literally, everythinggggg. Ohmygod it's so good.

Tim and I brought back a giant bottle of balsamic glaze from Italy while we were on our honeymoon. It has since run out (I'm devastated... vacation to the Amalfi Coast, anyone?!) and I was happy to have found a decent substitution at Trader Joe's, and for 1/8 of the cost! I am all about homemade, and making balsamic glaze is easy (also: messy), but I am also alllll about paying a little bit for convenience and keeping a clean kitchen when possible.

Balsamic glaze is a happy companion to anything Italian, and this Prosciutto, Arugula & Goat Cheese sandwich is oh-so-Italian and oh-so-good. Tim and I snacked on sandwiches like this while we toured the Amalfi Coast, and I miss them (and that experience) so much! 

I've never been a huge fan of Italian-American food. The marinara, garlic, and meatballs are just too heavy for me, and I was literally blown away by how much I LOVED the food as soon as we arrived in Italy! Everything is so fresh, and light. Amazingly fresh olive oil, balsamic, mozzarella cheese, prosciutto, seafood... oh man. It is heavenly.

Prosciutto, Arugula & Goat Cheese Sandwich


Prosciutto, Arugula & Goat Cheese Sandwich


8 slices prosciutto (4 per sandwich)

2 baguettes, sliced

Handful of arugula

Handful of fresh basil leaves

2 oz. goat cheese

Balsamic glaze

Extra virgin olive oil



Slice both baguettes length-wise. Spread 1 oz. goat cheese on each baguette and top with basil leaves. Layer the prosciutto and arugula on top, and drizzle with balsamic glaze and a small amount of extra virgin olive oil.