friday musings / 03

Wee, it's Friday! Let's dance in the grass to celebrate, okay? ;)

Any fun plans this weekend? Tim and I plan to celebrate our 7-year dating anniversary a few days early since we'll be celebrating another friend's wedding on the actual date of our anniversary. Seven yeeeears! It's a long time. I love anniversaries because they bring up old memories that are sometimes forgotten, like how nervous I was on our first date but desperately tried to play it cool, and how obsessed I was with Tim the first time I laid eyes on him. That hasn't changed a bit... my husband is hot.

Anyway! Enough about love... let's talk about other fun things.

Cleveland has been booming in the news these past few weeks. If you're still wavering on the LeBron decision, read this. Then read this. Then watch this. He's older, he's wiser, he's apologized (sort of), and we've forgiven him. I know it's just basketball, and some people criticize how much hype this story is getting, but it's bigger than basketball. It's about pride and undying hope. It's about failure and redemption. It's the fact that Cleveland as a whole is desperate to change the outsiders perception of our city, and show off who we really are, and how hard we really work. We love our city, we love our teams, and we deserve a win - metaphorically and figuratively speaking. Go ahead, close your eyes, and envision LeBron putting on his Cavs jersey for the first time this season... chills. Woo! Thanks for coming home, LeBron.

"In the end, LeBron’s impact on Cleveland might be more psychological than anything —and what is professional sports really about if not that? A psychological boost for Cleveland might be just what the doctor ordered."  - Angie Schmitt via GOOD

This cabin in Toronto has nothing to do with Cleveland, and everything to do with clean, simple, modern architecture and the fact that I want to live there one day. Retirement home, perhaps?

Sitting in front of a computer for 9 hours a day can be less than stimulating. Give your eyes a treat and download these geometric desktop wallpapers from DesignLoveFest.

Um, excuse me Target?! You have a mid-century furniture collection and I am JUST NOW finding this out? I basically live there... the website can be oh so sneaky offering pieces that the stores don't carry. There are some less-than-stellar upholstery patterns, but there are some seriously beautiful pieces in the collection. Shop away, fellow MCM addicts.

If you're anything like me, seeing a good before & after is like eye candy. Design*Sponge rounded up 20 "crazy before & afters" to feast your eyes on. (Click through each photo to see the full story.)

Alright... off to enjoy the last bit of the work week, everyone! Happy Friday, and happy weekend!