i love lamp

I love lamp! I love lamp.

But for real... CB2 has me feeling like Brick Tamland about some of their new lighting products. They are killing it over there! Feast your eyes on these beauties...


Let's all take a moment to lift our jaws up off the floor. Do you love lamp now, too?! These are stunning. The sleek metal, geometric shapes, gold, and marble details are so fresh and unique. Not to mention, the price point is VERY wallet friendly (with the exception of the marble flush-mount lamp, because it's a solid, beautiful chunk of marble).

Lighting options can be so boring, or SO expensive and out of reach. Thanks to newer companies like OneFortyThree and Schoolhouse Electric, there are beautiful lighting options that fit a modern aesthetic and don't break the bank.

I'll take one of each, please and thank you!

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