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If you're in the market for a new area rug, consider yourself in luck! RugsUSA is having a HUGE Labor Day weekend sale, offering 70% off most items and 80% certain sale items. The sale is going on through September 5th. The site may seem cluttered and untrustworthy, but they're just in desperate need of a good designer ;)

I snagged a big area rug last year during one of their 60% off sales, and after a year of light foot traffic, crumbs, and close red wine spills, it's holding up very well. It's plush, durable, and looks like it should have been 10x more expensive than it was. Score!

After we refinish our hardwood floors, we'll need a huge area rug for the dining room. Here are a few different styles I'm thinking of... heavy on the textures, natural fibers, imperfections, and patterns.

rugs | colorwhirl

I feel like I'm doing a PSA by sharing this deal, but seriously... how can you pass up paying 20-30% for rugs that usually cost $800 - $1,200? I'll forever be a bargain hunter, and deals like this are too good to pass up.

Happy shopping!

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