oh so beautiful homes...

Lately, I have been full-on obsessed with (virtual) home tours. I am such a sucker for them. I have an addiction and it is called "interior design"... I can't shake it, and, after all, there are worse things to be addicted to than constantly searching for new home/interior blogs to discover... right?

Here are a few home tours that stopped me in my tracks. The unbelievable talent these homeowners possess is beyond me. So much self-control, so much style & refined taste. If you are into home/interior blogs, you should follow these people immeeeediately.


Hither & Thither by Ashley Muir Bruhn

Images via  Hither & Thither

Images via Hither & Thither

Oh, this house. It's like a museum of perfectly imperfect mid-century style. The palette is very minimal yet textural; white, wood, metals, subdued pops of color here and there, and lots of plants. The house is airy and pulled together in a way that feels like it was professionally done. Luckily, the bones of the house were in great shape (they even kept the kitchen cabinets as is!). Kilim rugs and pillows warm up the white walls, leather furniture, and metal accessories. It feels grown up yet totally relaxed, which is sometimes hard to pull off with such a refined look. I would definitely live in this house.

You can check out the full home tour on A Cup Of Jo here.


Smitten Studio by Sarah Sherman Samuel

Images via  Smitten Studio

Images via Smitten Studio

This house is a perfect example of relaxed glam. So many gold accents (hello, love you!), vintage furniture and clean lines, yet a warm, approachable vibe with the use of natural textiles. I would also loooove to live in this house, though I'm not sure I'm fancy enough to fit in. The full "before" tour is here, and while the "after" isn't complete, you can follow along here. The couple that lives here also refurbished a cabin in Michigan and the outcome is UNreal. It's the most chic cabin you'll ever lay your eyes on. The definition of "glamping" definitely applies here.


House*Tweaking by Dana Miller

Images via  House*Tweaking

Images via House*Tweaking

I found House*Tweaking all thanks to Pinterest, and immediately fell in love. Dana is an Ohio blogger which I found so exciting, mainly because the majority of interior design bloggers are on the west coast and it's nice to see some mid-west style featured. Her home is a mid-century renovation that's carefully designed but feels so inviting. The palette is similar to Hither & Thither in that it's limited to neutrals, wood, metal, natural textures, and minimal pops of color. Some houses fail to strike a balance between masculine and feminine aesthetics, and this house is a happy combination. What I love about this home is that it feels lived in, and real. You know a family lives here and there aren't any places the kids can't play. You guessed it... I'd also live here in a heartbeat.


Room For Tuesday by Sarah Gibson

Images via  Room for Tuesday

Images via Room for Tuesday

While this isn't a full home tour, the rooms that have been renovated so far are stunning, and SO clean. Really, it's limited to the kitchen and a bathroom but they're so airy, bright, and happy... I couldn't help but share. Another blog worthy of adding to your list!


Young House Love by Shelly and John


If you follow along in the blog world at all, you've probably heard of this couple. They are DIY geniuses, turning their passion into full-time jobs (they even launched a line at Target recently). Their blog can teach you everything from hanging drywall to tiling backsplash, and they also have pretty excellent style. They recently designed a "show house" (learn more about that here) that I love, featured above. Their style is much brighter and lively than the rest of the homes I pulled together, but for me, it's the most realistic for our own home. The punchy colors are limited to accessories, keeping the big anchored items (large furniture, wall color) neutral, which is the interior design principle I follow. I would totally live in this house but switch out some of the red accessories (sorry... not a fan!), but that's about it. This house is bursting with personality but still feels so modern and polished.


There are a few trends going on here... have you noticed? White walls, wood floors, texture, texture, texture, metallics, pops of color, and sooo many plants. Vintage furniture, eclectic accessories... that's the jist. That is also the jist of how I want our home to end up looking like.

I wish I could just smush all of these pictures together, hand them over to a stylist (preferably Emily Henderson - I would die), and have our home magically transformed. However, we live in the real world where that doesn't happen, and our home will take lots & lots of t-i-m-e. Oh, and money. Can't forget about that tiny detail ;)

Are there any to-die-for home/interior blogs I left out? Where do you look for inspiration? Please share! I need more drool-worthy blogs to add to my weekly rotation.