treasure hunting / summer thrifting...

Cleveland is a pretty great place to thrift shop. We have dozens of antique stores, thrift shops, and the beloved Cleveland Flea that offer up vintage furniture, clothing, trinkets... you name it, you'll probably find it at one of these places.

 I've scored a few great pieces this summer. Between the Flea, Craigslist and Goodwill, I've picked up five pieces of furniture - big and small - that require little to no refinishing. Score!

If you haven't been to the Cleveland Flea, I highly recommend it! There are SO many amazing vendors, and not just limited to vintage furniture/accessories. You'll find the latest food trucks, handcrafted local beer and coffee vendors, high-end jewelry and furniture designers, great music, and a really fun community vibe. I snagged the orange mid-century stool above for $20 at All Things For You, a vintage shop on Schaaf Road in CLE that has really beautiful mid-century furniture and vintage home decor. Here is a similar style on Craigslist, in such a fun color, for $5(!). That price cannot be beat.

Craigslist isn't for everyone, but there are some treasures people list that would normally sell for double or triple the price in a thrift store, and it's way easier to haggle with the seller. (Just a friendly PSA: it's wise to take someone with you when picking up something you buy on Craigslist for safety reasons, just in case...) I bought this awesome leather ottoman for $20 (same style, different color here), and this score-of-a-lifetime (that may or may not be an overstatement) mid-century hutch for $125. Hutches like this sell for upwards of $800+ dollars on Ebay, so I'm pretty excited about the price I paid!

Last weekend, I packed up 7 garbage bags full of clothes, shoes, purses, scarves, sunglasses... basically just stuff that I've held onto since high school. Why I chose to hold onto all of it throughout college and after 3 moves is beyond me, but I'm glad my hoarding will benefit others. Here's a little peak at what I gave away... Abercrombie cut-off jorts, anyone?! Yikes.

I dropped everything off at Goodwill in North Olmsted, and couldn't resist doing a once-through the store before I left. I found this wooden cart with gold inlay for $8 (!) and this little chair for $5. The chair isn't really much to talk about, but I plan to recover it with gorgeous embroidered Otomi fabric and it's going to be prettttty beautiful afterwards.

Have you scored any deals lately? Garbage-picked anything worth talking about? :) As much as people can knock thrifting, you can't beat paying less than $200 for 5 unique, quality pieces!