becoming a cavewoman...

So, here goes nothing... I'm starting the Whole30 today! I am becoming one of "those people" ;) I realize that diets - and healthcare in general - are incredibly polarizing subjects so I don't intend to post about this regularly, but I will be checking in from time to time to post any updates or recipes I find worthy of sharing.


I've never been one to diet, or prevent myself from eating any particular food for a prolonged period of time. For me, diets aren't sustainable (I know myself too well to think I'd ever succeed on one), and I've been blessed with pretty good genes. I never thought I'd be considering a fad "diet", but here I am, ready and kind of desperate to throw myself into this. I'm not doing the Whole30 to lose weight, far from it; I'm doing the Whole30 because my #1 goal for myself this year is to get my health under control (read about it here).

I'm simply hoping for a renewed understanding of how the food I eat directly affects how I feel. Sure, one GI doctor told me I can't eat the following: citrus, spicy foods, alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, too much fiber, too much dairy... but what's left? Lettuce? No thank you. I spent years on medication, then years trying to self-diagnose, and after 7 years I've realized that if I want to get my health under control, I have to follow a tried-and-true system. It's too confusing and discouraging to do it on my own. It was either the Whole30 or an elimination diet, and for now I'm hoping that the Whole30 will be what I need to reset my system and allow me to figure out my food triggers a little more.

That's not to say I don't have a few hesitations - I am an skeptic, after all (meat at every meal?! I'm not a burly lumberjack)! Tell me about any diet and I will try to poke holes, which is why I am halfway through this book. It's full of scientific reasoning for why the Whole30 makes sense. I have a notebook by my side with a list of reasons why I'm doing this - digestive issues, eczema, allergies, terrible headaches... all of which are attributed to what you eat. I'm hoping it'll be a continued reminder to keep trudging through when all I'm craving are gummy bears, red wine and bread (aaand I'm panicking. Crap).

So, here goes nothing! I'm sure I'll look like a cavewoman in no time.

Have you tried the Whole30? Are you eating a Paleo "diet"? I welcome any tips, words of encouragement, and/or recipes :) Wish me luck... I think I'll need all the help I can get!