fridays / whole30 week 3 recap...

Happy first day of Spring! TGIF! So many reasons to celebrate today!

This week FLEW by. Anyone else feel that way? Phew. The past few weekends have held very little plans, which are always so nice to look forward to. I'm going to finish up a project I can't wait to share, do a little spring cleaning, and celebrate my sister's birthday... woohoo!

colorwhirl | whole30, week 3

So, for anyone that cares about how my Whole30 experience is going, listen up. Everyone else, stop reading! RIGHT NOW! Just kiddinggg ;)

I am nearing the end of Week 3 and I'm finally adjusting to the routine. I don't dread cooking as much, the thought process of what I can and cannot have is a little more natural, and I'm not hating it. Not hating it basically is a HUGE success in my book. While I don't think eating like this is sustainable forever, I do think I've learned a few things that I can implement into my daily routine. I like to think I'm pretty savvy when it comes to healthy eating, yet it's taught me quite a bit about what's actually healthy vs. what is marketed as "healthy". When you get down to the nitty gritty science of what's actually going on as you eat your food, it's kind of insane. Ignorance is bliss as you binge on candy until you read what happens to your body as it desperately attempts to digest all of the chemicals and sugar that are unnatural and oh. so. processed.

Everyone's body is different but mine has definitely appreciated a little break from my vices. Week 1 was the biggest adjustment period for obvious reasons, but my favorite part of the transition was on Day 2. I woke up immediately (without hitting snooze!!!) like a chipper maniac ready to take on the day. I'm still a lot more chipper than usual and clear-headed in the morning, but I'm back to hitting snooze about 3 times before rolling out of bed.

I went out with my girlfriends last Saturday night and was worried that I'd be tempted to have a drink or be annoyed that I was the sober one. Surprise, surprise... I had the BEST time! It was so much fun. I'm really glad I went out. I sipped on club soda with lemon + lime (give me all the garnishes!) and not only was it a crazy cheap night; I didn't have to worry about a ride home or a hangover in the morning.

I've found a few recipes that are mind-blowingly good - not just Whole30 good; like, real life good. My favorite recipe is Crock Pot Carnitas with Cilantro Lime Cauliflower Rice from Popular Paleo. I don't want to oversell it but IT IS SO GOOD. You HAVE to try it. While cauliflower rice is really just a fancy way of saying shredded cauliflower, it's a surprisingly decent substitute for one of my favorite grains. Another favorite is Butternut Squash "Risotto" (again, just a fancy way to refer to semi-pureed butternut squash) with a fried egg on top. I took a lot of liberties with the recipe - instead of sage I added a ton of fresh spinach, cubed pancetta, a dash of nutmeg and about 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract. It was DIVINE. Seriously. All it needed was some parmigiano reggiano... I miss cheese. :/

Aside from surviving the recipes and my social life, the biggest benefits I've felt so far are intangible. I feel better in my own skin, and more like me than I have in long while. It's like I've finally emerged from a fog - I'm sharper, brighter, more patient, and better overall. An added perk is that my clothes fit better and I feel much more lean. Any sort of bloat has disappeared, though I know it's only if I keep up these eating habits.

So far, so good. I have 10 days left and I feel like a masochist when I say I'm a little sad about it being over so soon! Many people go directly into their next Whole30 but I am NOT ready for that. I miss cocktails, my favorite 9-grain bread from Blackbird, and not having to read each and every label to see if chicken stock has cane sugar in it (which, it does! I find this very annoying and I refuse to get over the fact that chicken and beef stock have cane sugar).

If you have any specific questions about the Whole30 experience, message me below! I'm more than happy to share all of the good, bad and the ugly (me, during all of Week 1).

Happy weekend!!!! :)