friday / whole30 week one recap & more...

Hello, hello, it's Friday!

Taken at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens during my birthday "tour de CLE" with Tim :) It has nothing to do with this post, it's just a pretty little picture to ring in the weekend.

Taken at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens during my birthday "tour de CLE" with Tim :) It has nothing to do with this post, it's just a pretty little picture to ring in the weekend.

I have made it FIVE whole days on the Whole30 diet and I don't feel like scratching my eyes out or pouring a bag of Sour Patch kids down my throat (or Skittles, or Starburst... you get the picture). Hooray! For me that is EPIC, considering I'm a binge-snacker. From what I hear, I'm two days away from the "hangover" that ensues as your body withdraws from the dairy, sugar, grains and legumes, so that's not fun to look forward to. Thankfully it will hit over the weekend so I'll keep my crabbiness to myself ;)

Overall, I've had quite a few eye-opening moments this week. The biggest takeaway so far has been my reliance on food. If I'm having a bad day I look forward to red wine, bread, and candy when I get home. If the hours are dragging by, I snack. I never waited to eat until my stomach rumbled to let me know I was starving - I just chomped my way through the day on whatever kind of snack I could get my hands on (granted, I wasn't snacking on Doritos, it was more like Goldfish and dried mangoes). I didn't listen to my body at all. It's extremely challenging not to snack during the day, and let's be honest - who wants to snack on carrots or celery if there's no ranch to dip them in? I'm a healthy eater by far, but carbs are my emotional crutch.

My biggest takeaway? The most challenging part isn't eating this way, it's preparing and cooking each night. I was told that the preparation makes or breaks your experience, and it is SO true. This weekend will consist of a ton of meal prep. How this applies to you? If I can do it, so can you! I swear.

Anyway! Enough of the boring Whole30 talk. A few things that I found on the web this week:

>> Leonardo DiCaprio will produce and star in a film called The Crowded Room, based on the life of serial killer Billy Milligan, who underwent psychiatric care at The Ridges in Athens, OH! Creeeeepy! I always hated the stories about Athens being haunted; how the cemeteries formed the shape of a pentagram; how you could hear a piano playing in The Ridges; how you could make out the shape of a woman's body in a dorm room... etc. Even thinking about it now just gives me the creeps, so I don't know if I'll be able to watch this movie but I am excited that Athens, Ohio will be in the spotlight - even if the subject matter is hauntingly disturbing!

>> One of my favorite daily reads is Vintage Revivals, a DIY and home interior blog written by Mandi Gubler. She is one adventurous blogger / DIYer! Her design aesthetic is pretty amazing, and she's fearless when it comes to tackling home improvements (which I cannot relate to and fully respect). She recently wrote about the "intrusive future homeowner" and I could NOT love this post more.

Living in a 100+ year-old home comes with certain responsibilities, like preserving the original qualities: trim, flooring, front door, you name it (all of these apply to my home). It's also a delicate balance, because what if you hate your flooring? Or, what if you hate the amber trim that makes your home look like an orange log cabin plopped in the woods? Sometimes you just have to do you, and it's okay to think about yourself rather than the potential curmudgeon that will move in next. You have to enjoy your home; after all, you do own it!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I can't wait for the "heat wave" that will hit Cleveland this weekend... 50 degrees is STEAMY right about now. See you Monday!