baby bumpdate / 17 weeks

After an 8 month hiatus, I'm back! The past several months have been busy with freelance work and small house projects, both of which I plan to share soon. Also, in case you missed it...


I'm pregnant! Tim & I are going to become parents (!) in early November we couldn't be more excited (and, to be honest, a little nervous). I am 5 months along and cannot BELIEVE I'm almost halfway through the pregnancy. From what I hear, the second half of the pregnancy lasts forever, so I'm comforted knowing I have a while to go... I love this little baby, but I'm also nottttt ready for its arrival just yet.

I don't plan to post about all things baby, but since this blog reflects my life I will post baby updates here & there. To start off, a baby "bumpdate"! 


17 weeks : Each morning I wake up to a slightly larger belly, which makes getting dressed a challenge. I'm stuck in between my normal clothes (with the rubber-band belt-loop trick going on) and maternity clothes, so I'm thankful for flowy dresses and warm weather right now. Flowy anything is forgiving on this bump!

We get to find out if we're having a boy or a girl in a week (!!!!!!!) and I am literally counting down the days. Next Friday cannot come soon enough!

A word to the wise / future mamas & dads: if you are even considering daycare for your child, start looking even before you are pregnant, or as soon as you find out! I am trying my hardest to remain optimistic but the one to THREE YEAR waitlists are really bumming me out. I mean, come on... you are booked THREE years out in an infant room!? What?! How is that even possible and who are these crazy people that get put on a three year wait list for an infant? ...Me. I am becoming this person. Putting myself on every wait list in the area is my new thing.

If you know of any in-home childcare providers, PLEASE send them my way! Tim and I are putting together a few back-up plans and in-home care is currently at the top of our list.

A friend told me that if you want time to go by quickly, befriend a pregnant person. So, if you are interested in speeding through the summer and fall, stick around and I'll make sure time will go by in the blink of an eye ;)

Happy weekend!