celebrating three years

Six years of dating, three years of marriage and thirty-one weeks pregnant. That's a quick by-the-numbers of mine and Tim's relationship. We've spent almost a decade together (!) and we are less than two months shy of going from a loving couple to a loving family of three.

It's hard to imagine being 20 years old again, but thinking of those memories takes me right back. I was head over heels OBSESSED with Tim and was determined to make him fall for me. Little did I know he shared those same feelings which made it pretty easy to start a relationship (thank goodness). A lot has changed in the past nine years and a whole lot is about to change in the next nine weeks. No matter what, relationships are hard work. In the midst of it all, you hope you've chosen a partner that will ride out the good and the bad with you - it is "for better or for worse", after all.

Tim is the dreamer while I am the realist. He is the doer while I am the planner. He is spontaneous and sees the possibility in everything, while I tend to stay a bit more grounded (whether I like it or not). We strike a balance with one another in our similarities and our differences, and while we certainly have our ups and downs, our day-to-day is collaborative, respectful, loving and fun. Life can be challenging and it's a lot easier having someone by your side that is an eternal optimist. For that, I'm forever grateful.

Our celebrations usually take us out of town but we are in full-on nesting mode at home. We are in the midst of several projects that we'd rather power through right now so we can enjoy a bit of downtime before our little peanut comes in November. This year, our three year anniversary will be spent at my monthly obstetrician appointment, followed by dinner at Mabel's BBQ. Just your average romantic, well-rounded date night ;)

To continue the celebration, here are a few favorite photos from our wedding day...

Cheers to nine years dating, three years married and a baby on the way. I love you so much!