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Happy June! Ooh, sweet summertime, you're here after all. It's that time of year where our living room becomes our back deck, and spending an extra minute inside just feels wrong. Tim and I overhauled our back deck last year (see the before and after here) and now we can finally enjoy our hard work this summer. Well, we decided to put the "kick back and enjoy our hard work" on the back burner and tackle our front porch this summer, so that all of our outdoor spaces are livable and enjoyable.

We know how lucky we are to have an outdoor space in the front and back yard, and we can't wait until both spaces are cozy, comfy and perfect for lounging. I even joked to Tim that I won't know when to use each space... is the front porch for coffee in the morning, while the back deck is for picnics and happy hour? We'll just have to see.

Our front porch is not spacious by any means, but there's enough room for a small seating area and a porch swing. I've been DYING for a porch swing for so long, and thanks to Ana White and Tim's handyman skills, we'll finally have one. Here is our inspiration for the calming oasis our front porch will eventually be...


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Are you tackling any outdoor projects this summer? Or, did you finish your projects last year to reap the benefits this summer? Either way, at least we'll all be outdoors. Long live summertime!

going green / outdoor planter roundup...

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend. We celebrated with my family on Saturday due to work schedules, so Tim and I had a quiet, relaxing Sunday to ourselves. We pulled our outdoor furniture out of storage and I soaked up the sunshine for about an hour, with bright pink cheeks to prove it :) this weather is sooo good for the soul.

Tim and I have been putting together a list of outdoor projects and I cannot wait to get back outside! Each year I try to learn more about gardening and I think this is the year we'll start our own. I've never had a green thumb, but it's not black, so that's something. I'm taking baby steps and planting herbs in pots this year, which is kind of noncommittal and just enough for me. Herbs can grow like crazy and I don't want half of our yard consumed by mint come summertime!

I'm always on the hunt for outdoor planters, so I thought I'd share some of my favorites since planting/potting season is officially upon us!

colorwhirl | outdoor planter roundup

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Are you planning a garden? If so, do you plant right into the soil, use raised beds or take it slow and plant in pots? There are so many pros and cons to each option, and I'm always curious to know what other people are doing. Green thumbs, please share your wisdom with me!

Happy spring, happy warm weather, & happy Monday!