welcome, olivia marian

Today seemed like a good day to reintroduce myself to the blog since Olivia's arrival. I had two uninterrupted hours to browse the internet (how to spend my coveted Anthro gift card?), work on some freelance, and quietly jam out to U2 after finding out they are going on tour AND will be stopping in Cleveland. !!! A bucket list item is coming to fruition. YES.

Today started off a bit rocky and ended on such a good note. That's the thing with this whole parenting deal... minute by minute, it is a complete roller coaster of emotions and unpredictability. Coming from a Type A with control issues, it can be hard. I'm stubborn and hate giving in to my often-times hormonal-driven emotions, but one of my resolutions this year is to just let it be... in this case, cry for a second if I have to, then move on to the next high (Olivia's smile, a coo, spit bubbles, kicking her legs like a maniac... the list goes on)!

January 6th marked two months since we welcomed Olivia Marian into our family. It has been the sleepiest, blurriest, most heart-bursting two months of my life and I want to relive every day over and over again. I can't believe I'm a mom, I can't believe Tim is a dad, and even more, I can't believe we have a DAUGHTER. Sure, yes, I knew I was pregnant and knew this would happen eventually, but saying "my daughter Olivia" out loud is utterly insane. I still catch myself and almost laugh on the phone when making her doctor's appointments, picking up prescriptions, etc. I just can't get over it!

Olivia is strong and curious and absolutely gorgeous. Her full head of hair and steely blue eyes were a surprise to us but her feisty personality was something we knew we had coming. The inevitable sass and strength I was sure she'd have are what inspired her middle name; Marian, in honor of my late grandma (Sweetie). Sass runs in the family and I, for one, love that trait. ;)

My pregnancy went by in the blink of an eye, the first month lasted a wonderfully long time (thank you, holidays!), and the second month FLEW. I'm scared that this is the beginning of the "time flies" adage and that it's going to go by even faster once I return to work. She'll basically be 16 in 5 minutes. Until then, I'll cherish every milestone, big or small!


ONE MONTH | 12.06.16

Olivia likes... songs made up by mama and daddy, bright lights, her hands
Olivia dislikes... prolonged tummy time (basically anything longer than a minute ;)
Milestone... eye contact and tracking movement

two MONTHs | 01.06.17

Olivia likes... smiling, finding her voice, holding her neck up, kicking
Olivia dislikes... missing out on anything while sleeping
Milestone... smiles (and not just the "milk drunk" ones!)

A few of my favorites from Olivia's newborn session, taken by a fellow Olivia (Lobas)...

And some that I took a few days ago...

She is the best thing and I want time to slow down and speed up simultaneously. I want to be able to savor every second, yet Tim and I are so excited for her to grow and learn and become her own little person. Until then, I will try to appreciate each and every moment... even the cluster feeds in the middle of the night and the inconsolable cries when she refuses to be put down, and I feel inconsolable, too. It's all a phase and the newborn phase seems far, far too short already. <3

PS... Anyone have suggestions / favorite apps to store photos to free up space on your iPhone? I've tried deleting photos / videos / apps to free up space to no avail, and there is NOTHING worse than trying to capture a teeny tiny smile, only to get the horrible notification that the phone cannot take the photo. Help!